Our Vegetables

We are a certified organic farm growing a wide variety of vegetables for our community, farm stand and kitchen. We go beyond organic standards to continually improve our growing practices with a focus on bountiful production and soil life. The core of our philosophy is that healthy soils give us nutrient rich and flavorful food.


farm kitchen

Our team of talented cooks offers up an ever changing menu of delicious prepared foods inspired by the garden’s harvest. Ever week our newsletter offers Friday night preorder to-go dinner menu. Our farm stand will be packed with a selection of freshly baked treats, side salads, savory sauces and sweet preserves.

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Education and Hospitality

Our Seed & Spoon Culinary Farm Stays invite guests to experience all of the facets of what we do on the farm. Explore the joy of food and farming with nature!

About the farm

Husky Meadows Farm is situated on 3 acres of fine sandy loam soil on a windy hill in Norfolk, CT. As is commonplace in New England agriculture, our land was formerly occupied by a dairy farm. The Low family first fell in love with the former Curtiss Farm as a home for their two huskies. Since then they have reimagined the land as the home of a diversified organic farm growing food for the local community. Their dedication to sustainable land stewardship goes beyond the farm and extends to our native wildflower meadows and woodlands. 

Our Philosophy

We see farming as a way of exploring the past while engaging with the future. We employ time honored traditions as well as the best of the modern organic movement. We embrace biodiversity, while producing beautiful fruits and veggies. We steward the fungal networks below our feet and pollinators above. We rely on the forest around us to bolster our soil. We do all this to ensure that this plot of land is rich and bountiful for years to come. Our team of farmers and curious cooks, inspired by nature, are eager to share the fruits of their labors. 

Our Whole Farm Ecosystem

In addition to our vegetables, we continue to tend the antique fruit trees – including a 100 year old pear, planted by John Curtiss, as well as new varieties of stone fruit. Our small chicken flock provides us with eggs and the soil fertility benefits from their grazing and composted manure. Thanks to the forests surrounding our fields, we also have a log-grown mushroom operation to provide shiitake mushrooms. Our native wild flower meadow and cover crops provide a rich habitat for important pollinators and honey bees. ​

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