Wood Creek Pond

Husky Meadows Farm innately encourages guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of our meticulously maintained property that grows some of the freshest and best tasting certified organic produce that you will ever have. One of the best ways to get back to nature, besides taking part in the endless intriguing activities offered – is to take a moment to absorb your surroundings – and, that is what Husky Meadows is all about. Guests tell us they love our hiking trails – favorite being the “orange trail” to Wood Creek Pond.

Wood Creek is one of Connecticut’s hidden gems that is well worth exploring. The trail starts just beyond our garden and, is about an easy 20-minute walk. Relax on the dock or take out the canoe. Typical to ponds, the water is quite shallow so not the best water for swimming but there is so much more to see here!

The shoreline of Wood Creek Pond is lined with a mixture of hardwood and evergreen trees that are punctuated with Mountain Laurel, the showy powder-pink blossom that is the State Flower that blooms in May and June. Reaching the pond, the only sounds you will hear come from your surroundings. A turtle basks in the sun on a rock, a chipmunk darts among the thickets near the shoreline, a majestic Great Blue Heron stalks fish in the shallows, and a chorus of birds serenade you, this is nature at its best.

Wood Creek Pond is considered to be a birding hot spot in Connecticut where more than 103 species have been observed including Bald Eagles, Broad-winged Hawks, and Red -Tail Hawks. There are common sightings of Red-winged Blackbirds, American Redstart, Yellow Warblers, Canada Geese, Mallards, Barn Swallows, Black-throated Green Warblers, Cedar Waxwing, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and Common Merganser, among many others. How amazing is that! The most rewarding thing about birding at Wood Creek Pond is that you never know what might fly by — get your camera ready!

Wood Creek Pond is small enough to explore by paddling in a couple of hours. The water is clean and cold, and so clear that most of the time you can see right down to the bottom and watch as fish frolic – think of it as an all-natural aquarium! Paddling is a good way to get up close to see things that you wouldn’t see otherwise. You may catch a glimpse of a muskrat or beavers “literally” busy constructing their dams. There are vast patches of water lilies and old tree stumps that rise out of the shallow water. Some say, that the shapes of these stumps are so interesting, that they have imagined that it is something that a fairy or water spirit might have built as a castle… and looking around, you really can’t blame them, it’s just beautiful here.

You’re also apt to spot local fishermen, for whom Wood Creek Pond is paradise. Its cold spring water is teaming with Large Mouth Bass, Brown Bullheads, Yellow Perch, Chain Pickerel, and Blue Gills that love to hide under the lily pads. There is some shoreline fly-fishing, but most fisherman find the best spots via canoe.

Wood Creek Pond offers something special every season. During the spring watch nature renew with ephemeral flowers and the first green leaves of the season. Summer is bountiful and ideal for bird watching, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Autumn is simply spectacular with the fall colors reflected in the pond’s clear waters. Winter is energetic thinking of the days to come with its textured white and the ice that forms on the pond making it perfect for ice fishing and skating. Whatever season you choose, you will feel nurtured by nature by making a visit to Wood Creek Pond during your  farm stay at Husky Meadows Farm.

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